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Providing pragmatic planning, product development, marketing and business implementation advice to the tourism industry.

Who We Are

Jennifer Houiellebecq, Principal

J-Houiellebecq-2012.jpgJennifer Houiellebecq has extensive experience in destination planning, development, marketing, product development and organisational analysis, and has worked on a wide range of tourism projects in Canada, Australia, the Caribbean Region, China, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Prior to moving into tourism consultancy in 1997 she spent 12 years teaching tourism at degree level and developing tourism curricula and professional development programmes in the United Kingdom.

Jennifer has played a significant role in strategic tourism planning within Canada and has developed over 25 regional, sub-regional, community and sector tourism strategies.  She has undertaken corporate planning processes at provincial, regional and municipal levels and has worked on a wide range of product development and marketing initiatives.   

Jennifer has worked as Industry Development Specialist for Thompson Okanagan Tourism for four years (2009-2013) and remains involved in project implementation.  She is a Canadian Tourism Commission Authorized Trainer for their Explorer Quotient program (a market segmentation tool used for product and market development).

Jennifer holds an undergraduate honours degree in Geography (MA) from the University of Dundee in Scotland, a MSc from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, (with input from the University of Washington, Seattle) and a post-graduate Diploma in Marketing from the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing. She has also undertaken the ISO 14001 Environmental Lead Auditing program and has completing professional development programmes in facilitated planning and group facilitation with International Cultural Affairs Associates Inc.


Associated Companies

TEAM Tourism Consulting - Tourism Planning Group works in close association with TEAM Tourism and has completed a range of strategic planning projects with the company.