Tourism Planning Group

Providing pragmatic planning, product development, marketing and business implementation advice to the tourism industry.


Strategic Planning

We work with destinations of all sizes to provide innovative and strategic direction for sustainable tourism growth that is aligned with local values and priorities.

Product Development

TPG is experienced in various aspects of product development from feasibility analysis and business planning for individual sites and attractions, to sector development work within destinations.

Training & Development

We offer customised training and development in all aspects of destination development, tourism management, experience development and marketing. Our services include workshop facilitation to assist our clients in meeting a range of objectives.

Organisational Structure

A strong tourism organisational structure is essential to developing and marketing a competitive destination.  TPG works with stakeholders and existing organizations to develop structures that are designed to enhance collaboration and to strengthen the overall industry.

Tourism Planning Group (TPG)

rocky-mountain-land-bridge-01.jpgThe Tourism Planning Group (TPG) is a tourism services firm formed to provide pragmatic planning, product development, marketing and business implementation advice to the tourism industry.

TPG has been involved in over 60 public and private sector tourism assignments in Canada, Australia, China, the Middle East, the Caribbean Region and the United Kingdom since its establishment in 2003, and it has worked with all levels of government - national through to municipal.  The company is able to undertake the necessary analysis and assessments to develop tourism destination strategies, product development programs, product/market positioning, concept and feasibility studies, and organisational restructuring on a cost-effective basis.  As a key element of destination planning, much of its work involves assessing the delivery of tourism services, and identifying solutions to increase overall effectiveness.

TPG has considerable experience in training and the facilitation of workshops for the tourism industry, and offers a range of customised services and programs to develop skills and understanding.