Tourism Planning Group

Providing pragmatic planning, product development, marketing and business implementation advice to the tourism industry.

National / Provincial

We work with destinations of all sizes to provide innovative and strategic direction for sustainable tourism growth that is aligned with local values and priorities.

National / Provincial Strategic Planning Projects

  • Tourism Saskatchewan – facilitation of the corporate strategic planning process for the new Crown Corporation (2013) 
  • Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, BC – facilitation of Ministry’s Green Tourism Forum and development of position paper – Charting BC’s Sustainable Direction (2008)
  • Caribbean Project for Economic Competitiveness (CPEC) – development of destination audit toolkit (2003)
  • Belize Tourism Board and CPEC – Belize National Tourism Strategy Update (2003)
  • Jamaica Community Tourism Symposium and Standards Project – community tourism best practices and guidelines for implementation – CPEC (2003)
  • Saudi Arabia, Supreme Commission for Tourism –Tourism & Society Action Plan - a component of the country's overall Sustainable Tourism Development Plan (2002)